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Carmina Burana in Westfalia

In May I have had the pleasure to tour Westfalia and sing concerts with Orff's Carmina Burana. These concerts allowed me to get to know so far unknown parts of Westfalia. First the somewhat rough but beautiful "Sauerland" that reminded me of the Black Forest. Along old merchants' roads one can find many former cities of the Hanse (like the pearl of the "Sauerland" Attendorn) - quite amazing little gems. The last concert took place in Soest - this brought me right back to my childhood as I then visited this town and its surroundings with my mother. Soest is a very attractive and a bit underrated city - one of the leading powers of the Hanse it was one of the wealthiest and biggest towns of Westfalia during the medieval times. A rich architecture with beautiful churches in the typical green sandstone and many great half timber structures testify its beauty. Absolutely worth a visit! It was nice coming to this area of Germany and enjoying very special concerts there. I for sure hope you get a good impression from the uploaded photos - enjoy!